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Next Sale is Oct. 7th (9am – 4pm) and Oct. 8th (8am – 12pm)


Fresh Market Shrimp

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$17.00/lb Shrimp
20-25 Count
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$25.00/lb Shrimp
16-20 Count
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$20.00/lb Shrimp
20-25 Count
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$17.00/lb Shrimp
30-35 Count
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Now Accepting Wholesale Orders

Fresh Market Shrimp is currently accepting new wholesale orders from restaurants and businesses within a 250-mile radius of our farm in Mesquite, New Mexico. Look for our announcement about the launch of our online store for retail customers.

Our Story

The Fresh Market Shrimp Company prides itself on producing US locally grown, farm fresh, farm raised shrimp. Our shrimp are grown all natural without antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals. More than 90 percent of the shrimp in the US are imported from countries like China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Peru, Vietnam and other countries with little regulation on quality. We want to change that paradigm and support US, local organic and all natural seafood and vegetable products.

New Mexico Shrimp Company

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Our shrimp are Pacific White shrimp raised here in New Mexico so you are buying local and fresh. Never frozen and they never contain preservatives or antibiotics, we sell the shrimp with head on, whole, on ice. Bring a cooler with ice. Place your order for shrimp today before we run out — and pick it up Oct. 7th between 9am – 4pm and Oct. 8th between 8am – 12pm from our farm! For more information, call Juan Albert at 575-323-4413 OR email

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